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Technology Class

Science and Technology 

Flying a Drone

Jr. Drone Pilot Academy Grades 1-2


Medieval Robot Battles

Grades 3 -5

Building a Robot

Game Builder

Grades 3-6

Asia home school young small kid happy smile self study online lesson excited make AI circ

Scratch Programming 

Grades 1- 3

Science Class

Adventures in Science

Grades 3 - 7 

cute minion figure standing with one eye and a musical instrument in hand.jpg

Gru's Minion Mania 

Grades K - 2

Kids robot

Drone Obstacle Challenge

Grades 3-5

Stop Motion

LEGO K'NEX Theme Park

Grades K-2

Gaming Station

ESports Gaming

Grades 3- 5

Using the Computer

Scratch Programming 

Grades 4-8

Video Editing

Video Editing 

Grades 3 - 7

Game Console

Roblox Super Speed Blocks 

Grades 3- 7

2022_Little Scholars .HEIC

Artist Studio 2D & 3D art Grades 3-5


Science of Life

Grades 1-3

Junior Einsteins_edited.jpg

Junior Scientist  

Grades K - 2

Science Courses

STEMquest K'Nex Ninja 

Grades 3 - 5 

Inside Maze

Roblox Master Maze

Grades 3 - 7 

Using the Computer

Roblox Sports Car Creator 

Grades 3- 7

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