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Why work at Camp?

E Fossinger
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Are you seeking a summer job experience that builds your resume, professional experience, and bank account – while also being meaningful and fun? Do you enjoy the outdoors, kids, meeting new friends, and making a difference? A job at Summer at Park is the perfect spot for you!


Summer at Park offers you many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether you are considering a career in education or want to build leadership and mentoring skills, you will come away with invaluable work experience, memories to last a lifetime, and the opportunity positively impact a child's life.

Leadership Training

Becoming a leader does not happen overnight, but the process is jumpstarted by being a counselor at Summer at Park. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best educators in the area, with years of experience teaching in school and working at camp. Along with co-counselors, you will help a group of campers navigate challenges, try new activities, make friends, and grow through fun and engaging experiences.

Making Friends and Network Connections

Summer camp is a great bonding environment for both campers and staff. In the midst of all that camp activity, you will build strong friendships with your fellow counselors. It is a great chance to create lasting bonds that lead to friendships and professional networks that will last decades after camp ends.

Resume Builder

Many students are focused on finding internships and traditional jobs during the summer to build their resumes.  However, camp provides just as many applicable skills as other jobs and many employers recognize the value of camp work experience in their applicants. The American Camp Association explains this very well, but you will gain:

To learn more about how you can join us this summer contact us or apply today!

  • Management and personnel skills

  • A fantastic work ethic

  • A sense of professional responsibility

  • Independent work skills

  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities

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