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Swim Club at Park

The Swim Club at Park team strives to create a fun and welcoming environment for all of our members. Please read through these rules and regulations fully before visiting the Swim Club at Park to ensure everyone can enjoy the summer at its fullest!​​

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Fun in the Pool

Swim Club at Park Rules and Regulations

Conditions of Membership

Members agree to abide by all Swim Club at Park rules outlined herein

  • Face masks will be optional

    • The use of cloth or medical face masks is not permitted in the pool​

    • If you would like to have a face covering on while in the pool, you must use a plastic face shield style face covering

  • The Pool House Locker Rooms are open for use. Please be respectful of other members and limit your time in the locker room area

  • Members (and their party) using the pool, fields, and facilities do so at their own risk. Park School or its personnel are not responsible for accident, injury, or the loss or damage to personal property 

    • Lost and found items will be collected and donated every other Friday

  • While you may bring your own chairs to sit on, their placement on the pool deck is at the discretion of the lifeguards in order to keep everyone safe

  • All members (and their party) must check in with the staff member on duty at the entrance (including members having a lesson)

  • Guest passes may be purchased at the time of member check in​ using a credit card

    • Guest passes may not be purchased using cash​

    • Guest passes are not available for purchase by non-members

    • The Swim Club at Park reserves the right to limit the purchase of guest passes at anytime

    • Members are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times while using the pool and campus facilities

  • No dogs, alcohol, or audio devices inside the pool gate or on the school grounds

  • Picnics on the grounds are acceptable, but members and their guests are responsible for their own cleanup. Please use a carry-in, carry-out trash/waste procedure at all times


Parking Guidelines for the Swim Club at Park

  • Parking is allowed ONLY in Lots A & B at Park School’s Main Building (171 Goddard Avenue)

    • Members should park in the marked spaces provided, then walk across the main field, through the stone wall, and across the turf field to the pool area.

    • Handicapped persons may be dropped off near the pool area, following which the drive must park their vehicle in the main lots (A & B) at 171 Goddard Avenue

  • There will be NO parking at the 255 Goddard Ave address. This is a private residence.

  • Parking is not allowed along any roadside area

    • All cars must be parked in designated or marked spaces

    • These are fire lanes and must be clear (for fire apparatus) in case of an emergency

  • These parking restrictions will be strictly enforced

    • Repeated parking violations are grounds for loss of Swim Club at Park membership without refund. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.

Deep End Test


(to be administered by a pool staff member in the deep end of the pool)

All swimmers must perform the following in order to pass the deep end test:

  • swim from the deep end wall to the center rope using the front crawl stroke / freestyle

  • tread water for 1 minute

  • float on back for 10 seconds

  • swim back to the deep end wall using the front crawl stroke / freestyle

  • swimmers must swim with their face in and arms out of the water

  • swimmers must swim calmly and not appear tired or nervous

  • strokes must be strong and recognizable

  • swimmers may not hold on to the wall at any point during the test

Pool Rules of Safety

  • All swimmers must take a shower before entering the water

  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult

  • All who wish to swim in the deep water must pass the Deep End Test (once every Summer)

  • No diving in the shallow end of the pool – only from 10 foot end wall

  • No running, pushing, rough-housing, smoking, or flotation devices of any kind

  • No eating, gum chewing, drinking, or glass containers in the pool area

  • No one may swim with open sores, infected eyes, a cough, congestion or a head cold

  • Only small children are permitted in the baby pool and must be accompanied by an adult

    • Infants needing diapers may ONLY wear swim diapers in the pool

    • Please discard soiled diapers into a plastic bag prior to disposal

  • Discreet breast-feeding is allowed

  • The Pool House Locker Rooms will be open for use. Please be respectful of other members and limit your time in the locker room area

  • Cell phone use is prohibited in the pool area

  • Members must be within arms reach of their small children at all times within the pool area

  • While outside of the fenced pool area, members must closely monitor their children's activities

Pool Closings


  • Any National Weather Service storm warning, thunder, or heavy rain will cause the pool to close – please call the pool office before you come to ensure that the pool will be open

    • We will close for 30 minutes after every new sound of thunder during these weather conditions

  • Foreign matter in the pool such as blood or feces will cause the pool to be closed for extended periods of time, sometimes for 24 hours depending on the situation

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in loss of membership without refund

Dana Studley - Aquatics Director -

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