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Join the Summer at Park Team

  • We are constantly looking for motivated and energetic people that love working with children and can lead, teach, and passionately commit to our Summer at Park community.

  • We are currently accepting applications for all positions.

    • To​ complete an application, please click here.

  • We will begin scheduling interviews in January.

    • Your application MUST be submitted online prior to your scheduled interview.

    • Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled; there is no set deadline date.

  • If you were hired to work at Summer at Park during the summer of 2022, please contact the Summer at Park office.

  • How do I register for summer camp?
    To register, please click here.
  • How do I register for programming after the summer begins?
    Enrollment is ongoing throughout the summer and payment in full is due at that time for any registrations completed after May 1, 2023. Please click here to complete any program additions up to two weeks before the start date of the program.
  • Can I make changes to my childs schedule after the summer has begun?
    Camper schedule changes (pending availability) can be made throughout the summer. This must be done with a full payment and a request in writing. Please visit our Registration Information page for more information or log in to our CampBrain Registration System to add additional programs.
  • Does the camp have a friend request policy?
    If you would like to make a friend request for your camper, please contact the Summer at Park Office. Although we are happy to attempt to grant each request, these requests are not guaranteed.
  • Is CampBrain online registration a secure site?
    ​Yes. If you look at the web address bar at the top of your screen you’ll see that https:// appears at the beginning of the web address for the CampBrain Registration System site to show that it is a secure site.
  • What time can I drop off my child in the morning?
    Morning drop-off is from 8:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for all programs. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for drop-off locations for your particular program.
  • What time is afternoon pick-up?
    The camp day ends at 3:30 p.m. and campers will arrive at carpool between 3:15 and 3:30. If you need to pick up your child any earlier, it must be arranged ahead of time. Please contact the summer office to make arrangements.
  • Does the camp offer extended day?
    We are excited to offer AM and PM Extended Day for our camp community for this summer. At this time, we are only able to offer a limited number of spaces per week. Please visit our Extended Day page for more information and availability.
  • Does the camp provide lunch?
    We provide all campers with a nutritious snack every day, however we do not provide campers lunch. For lunch, you can pack your child a delicious nut-free meal. We are excited to partner with Red Apple Lunch again this summer to provide our campers with a healthy and delicious lunch option
  • Does the camp provide transportation?
    We are excited to offer AM and PM Shuttle Bus for our camp community for this summer. At this time, we are only able to offer a limited number of seats per day. Please visit our Transportation page for more information and availability.
  • Do you have a family swim club available after camp hours?
    The Swim Club at Park is available for nine weeks during the summer with weekday evening and weekend hours. Please visit the Swim Club at Park page for additional information.
  • Are swimming lessons available?
    Most of our programs for our younger campers have a swim lesson included in their daily schedule. All other programs have a recreational swim in the afternoon. For private swim lesson information, please visit the Private Swim Lessons page
  • What is your policy for on-campus safety and health care?
    A registered nurse/medical coordinator is on campus at all times. Our nurse/medical coordinator handles the dispensing of medication and all other medical issues that arise during the camp day. All of our lifeguards and swim instructors are certified in First Aid and CPR. The care and safety of each camper is our main priority.
  • What is the staff to camper ratio?
    Our ratios are as follows: ages 4 to 6: 1 staff to 5 campers, ages 7 to 15: 1 staff to 10 campers.
  • Is there a camp open house?
    ​We are hopeful that we will be able to host an in-person Open House in the spring. However, based on local and state COVID-19 guidance, at this time we would ask that families reach out to the Summer at Park Office directly for more information about our programming. If you would like more information about Summer at Park, please contact the camp office at 617-274-6025 or
  • Is financial assistance available?
    Summer at Park offers limited Financial Assistance on a rolling basis. Applications for the upcoming Summer at Park season will be accepted beginning in January. For additional information about our Financial Assistance, please visit our Important Information Page.



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