Drobots StemQuest

Your favorite video games come to life in StemQuest. Conquer all of the challenges you’ve faced, but without the video screen!


StemQuest Jr: Coasters & Speeders (Grades 2 - 4)

Campers who crave the need for speed are required to participate in this energizing camp program. Teams of campers work together during multiple hands-on creative activities to design, build, and race rolling objects. Prepare to design and build the tallest, fastest, and most durable marble roller coasters, before releasing your marble in super-speedster fashion down the tracks. Huddle up with your counselors and devise a plan to have your rolling objects jump over as many towers as possible without knocking them over. Get creative and build your very own balloon-powered speedster bot and navigate it around and crash it through various obstacles. Finally, try your best to conquer and complete the dreaded super loop for extra excitement!

StemQuest: Fortnite Battle Squads (Grades 5 - 8)

StemQuest Fortnite extracts the thrills from the video screen and delivers the gaming experience directly into a live setting (without the video screen!). Fortnite has opened up a whole new world of fun for kids and video game enthusiasts, but now it is time to bring that excitement into the physical world of STEM. The Fortnite Island presents campers with a variety of head-to-head challenges where campers will learn to use sophisticated rolling bots, mini foam ball launchers, and jumping drones to simulate the video game battles. Each “Squad” is comprised of a team of campers who work together to establish and defend their “Base” against the other Squads of campers, but beware of the shrinking storm, the Volcano, and Viking Village. The ultimate goal is to earn points, gather resources, and explore new maps and terrains. Code your rolling bot to land on a portal and teleport around the block strategically to catch rival Squads off guard and establish alliances in order to bring the Counselor, Giant Mech to its knees.

Drobots StemQuest

    • Entering Grades 2 - 8 
    • Free Swim Included
    • Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM