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Gru's Minion Mania

Once Upon a Time...Gru Was a Kid Just Like You! This summer will be perfect for campers to use the latest STEM-approved robots and LEGOS to help Gru in his quest to become the greatest supervillain of all time! Participants will work with (and against) the Minions to build, drive and crash their way through robotic obstacle escape challenges and Despicable Ramps! Campers will learn and use Drobots’ engineering and design process to create their very own Super Villain avatar and test it against the ongoing threat of other villains attempting to pilfer their THUNDER. Children, separated into small teams, will gain exposure to introductory coding concepts via the latest line-following bots and block coding platforms. This program offers an abundance of fun and experimental model building, LEGO-Machining events and Supercoder Challenges! Remember, just because Minions look cute and cuddly, they can be very VERY Destructive with a Shrink Ray Blaster! Good Luck, and don’t forget to strap on your thinking cap!

Gru's Minion Mania

    • Entering Grades K - 2
    • Free Swim lesson Included
    • Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

    Dates Fees Availability
    8/5-8/16 $1710.00 Spots
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