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ESports Gaming

What’s cooler than racing and wrecking a car in Roblox? How about building your very own car and race tracks first? That’s Right! Using the Roblox Studio platform, campers will design, build, test, race and wreck their very own sports cars. Under the guidance of Drobots’ professional and supportive instructors, participants will learn to use code to manipulate design, traction, handling, and of course SPEED! After creating sports cars and race tracks, campers will bring their own projects to the Roblox Speedway to test how fast the track can be run. Also, racers will enjoy learning how to make their sports car glow like a lightsaber, become translucent, or even change into any combination of color and functionality one can dream

ESports Gaming

    • Entering Grades 3 - 5
    • Swim Lesson Included
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