Drobots Drone Camp

Our collaboration with the Drobots Company creates innovative experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of indoor learning and engineering with the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. Campers utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination, and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions in a team-oriented environment. Drobot campers at Summer at Park will receive education on the social responsibility of technology and learn about the ways in which drone technology can be used for good by citizen scientists.


Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge (Grades 2 - 4) - June 28 - July 9

This action-packed program is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. Full of excitement, teamwork, learning, and fun, campers enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Obstacle Course Racing. Throughout the week, campers learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. As the week progresses, campers will advance through various skill challenges, learning how to perform assorted exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use iPads and remote controls to pitch, yaw and roll their drones through some of Drobots’ most daring obstacle courses. Participants will utilize their creative minds to help design the obstacle layout and then build the obstacle course in preparation for the camp’s final activity and competition.


Drones to the Rescue (Grades 2 - 4) - July 26 - August 6

Drone search and rescue is a necessity for first responders around the globe, adding a new layer of creative solutions to save lives and increase safety. Firefighting and prevention, reforestation, search and rescue, utility inspections, medical transfers currently all rely on innovative drone solutions to reduce danger and increase efficiency. This innovative drone camp provides campers with the opportunity to participate in and learn from simulated missions during this action-packed, educational, and real-world applicable program. Campers will learn to free fly and code drones autonomously during this camp week. They also will rely on other members of their rescue team (flight squad) to collect vital data in specific “rescue areas” to locate “victims” and safely rescue them. Our instructors use age-appropriate and cutting-edge technology methods to create plans, missions, and maps. Participants will also learn invaluable lessons on how to simply, quickly and accurately make informed and targeted suggestions for real-world positive solutions.


Drone Racing and Obstacle Course Challenge (Grades 5 - 8) - June 28 - July 9

Get ready to pitch, yaw, roll, and thrust around the Drone Arena in this exhilarating camp program. Throughout the week, campers will enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Racing. Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying before fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination skills and free fly the drone. Campers will advance through an abundance of skill challenges, both in the air and on the ground, as they learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Each day, teams of “flight squads” post up against one another in friendly competition as they race against not only one another, but also the clock. Pilots will first maneuver the drone through creative yet compact obstacle courses before taking on the challenge of flying for speed. There is a creative component to this camp program, as flight squads will help to create the course design and then, help build the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activities and Drone Olympic competition.


Drone Escape & Rescue (Grades 5 - 8) - July 26 - August 6

This camp combines the enjoyment of flying drones with the real world application of learning how to use drones in emergency response situations. This is an action-packed and creative program where teams of campers (flight squads) face off, taking on both the “rescuer” and the “victim” mentality. Throughout the week, campers will participate in fun, yet realistic role-playing missions while they attempt to outsmart and out-maneuver the opposing team. Flight squads also will work together to conduct mock search and rescue challenges – all in a safe and friendly competitive environment. Campers will certainly earn their wings, take pride, and gain confidence with each assignment. The key will be how well each team works together and within their flight squads to conquer the adventures at hand.

Also included in this program are the innovative Drobots Drone Games, including challenges and concepts such as: Keys To Millions; Spy Drone, Drones To The Rescue, Drone Pod-Racing, and more.

Drobots Drone Camp

    • Entering Grades 2 - 8
    • Free Swim Included
    • Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM