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Summer at Park is proud continue our partnership this summer with our lunch provider partner, Red Apple Lunch by Eva's Little Kitchen.


Founder and CEO Lisa Farrell knows firsthand how, between work and family, there isn’t always time to put healthy, delicious camp lunches together. She came up with a way to get healthy, homemade lunches to your kids via Red Apple Lunch; they deliver the best regional, seasonal ingredients prepped and packed in a way that’s fun, attractive, and good for kids.


Red Apple Lunch and Eva's Little Kitchen will continue to bring our camp community a wonderful menu of lunch options throughout the summer!

How it Works

Red Apple Lunch will be open for the full summer, with the exception of Week 2 (July 3 - 7).

From Monday through Friday before each session, parents and campers can choose camper lunches for the following week (if you are ordering lunch for the week of June 26 - 30, you can order from June 19 - 23). You can edit your selections to suit your camper’s needs, dietary restrictions, and favorite meals. Red Apple Lunch delivers the lunches daily and they are stored in our industrial refrigerator until the campers are ready to enjoy them.

*Please note that Red Apple Lunch is not offering menu items the week of July 3 - 7* 

Red Apple Lunch Gives Back

Nearly 16 million children struggle with hunger in the US. That means one out of every five children has limited or uncertain access to adequate food. Since the 15 counties with more than 100,000 food-insecure children are all in urban areas, fighting hunger in these regions, including our own, the greater Boston area, can have a huge impact. Toward this end, Summer at Park supports Red Apple Lunch’s mission to give back and make a difference.

With every lunch sold, RAL partners with the Greater Boston Food Bank agencies to provide a healthy snack pack for a child in need in the greater Boston area. In so doing, Red Apple Lunch provides not only your camper with a healthy, delicious lunch, but also contributes to the well-being of our greater community. Together we can make a difference.

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