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COVID-19 Information

As we prepare for an unprecedented summer, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for all staff, members, and our entire Swim Club at Park community. We are working with federal, state, and local agencies, as well as the Park School, to form the best practices regarding COVID-19. As the summer gets closer and we gain a clearer understanding of what is (or isn’t) possible at the pool, we continue to learn about our ever changing environment, and state and local regulations are updated, we will adjust our plan accordingly.

We can not do this alone. We will need the cooperation of every Swim Club at Park family to make this summer the best summer yet!

What we are doing:
  • COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan

  • Daily Health Management

    • All Swim Club at Park staff will be required to complete a Daily Health Attestation (Appendix A)

    • All Swim Club at Park members will be required to verbally complete a health attestation (Appendix A) upon arrival​

    • Isolation and contact tracing protocols in place for individuals who become ill

  • Individual Precautions

    • Masks will be required for all community members​ when in the bathrooms or locker rooms

      • Masks will be optional for all community members while outdoors

        • Mask should not be worn while in the pool for safety reasons​

    • Frequent handwashing for all community members

  • Facility Improvements

    • Increased cleaning throughout the pool grounds

      • The pool and pool deck area will be closed from 2:30 - 3:00 PM on Holidays and Weekends for cleaning ​

        • All members will need to collect their belongings and leave the pool and pool deck area during these times​

    • Social distancing and capacity limits will be enforced in the locker rooms and bathrooms

    • Social distancing is encouraged while on the Park School campus

    • Touchless hand sanitizer stations

    • New signage to direct flow of movement

    • Additional tents to support outdoor activity

  • Programming Adjustments

    • Smaller overall capacity

      • To comply with DPH Guidelines, we will need to limit our overall capacity​

    • No guest passes

      • Enhances our contact tracing ability in the event of a COVID-19 exposure

    • No Unique Membership Options

      • Enhances our contact tracing ability in the event of a COVID-19 exposure

    • Check in/Check out

      • To enhance our contract tracing ability, all members will be required to:

        • check in when arriving at the pool

        • checkout when departing the pool

  • Refunds

    • In the event that the Swim Club at Park can not operate due to a governmental mandate, we will refund membership dues accordingly

What you can do:
  • Follow Federal, State, and Local Orders

    • All families are expected to adhere to the directives of applicable federal, state, and local government health departments regarding social distancing in public and other measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Testing and Notification

    • If you or someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, the Swim Club at Park requires all information regarding COVID-19 to be communicated to the Club Director as soon as possible. ​

  • Stay Home if You're Sick

    • If you or someone in your household is sick or you suspect they may have COVID-19, you are expected to keep them home from. Contact your primary care physician and the Club Director to assist with contact tracing. ​

  • Stay Home if You've Been Exposed

    • If anyone in your household has been notified by the state or local health departments that they were in contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19, stay home and inform the Club Director. You may be asked to keep your stay home for 14 days or provide a negative test result.​

  • Travel Expectations for Families

    • Please avoid unnecessary travel. If anyone in your camper’s household has traveled you must adhere to the state COVID-19 Travel Advisory, which requires a 10 day quarantine or provide a negative test result​ that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to their arrival to Massachusetts, unless they meet the exemption requirements.

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