India's Artventures

India's Summercrafts - June 28 - July 9

Let’s get crafty! Join our crew of crafters and let’s make some beautiful creations together. We will work with materials of all shapes, colors, and material to construct wearable, hangable, and moveable crafts for all to enjoy. From hand-made puppets to mobiles and colorful custom tie-dye, our group of art adventurers will cover all the bases. Our outdoor learning garden will serve as the backdrop when we create paint brushes and paints using all natural materials, make concrete stepping stones, and so much more!


India's Fairytale Magic - July 12 - July 23

Once upon a time, there was a camp of adventurers who flew with dragons, planted magical beans, made wizard potions, and waltzed to the music at the Royal Ball…

Welcome to Fairytale Magic, a camp for young artists who love to use their favorite fairy tale characters and stories as inspiration for their creations! Age-appropriate picture books will inform our art explorations as we delve into classic fairy tales and folk stories from cultures around the globe. Construct a shimmering dragon mask, use natural materials and hone your powers with a magic wand, use clay to sculpt Anansi the spider (a favorite trickster tale!), and create a coat-of-arms that represents your family. We’re sure your camper will cherish his or her creations until Happily Ever-After!


India's ARTstronauts - July 26 - August 6

Are you ready to make some art that is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD!? Our ARTstronauts will embark on an epic journey to the far reaches of space as they paint, sculpt, draw, and craft their way to the stars. We will discover our own new planets and constellations, grow space crystals, explore making space suits with recycled materials, concoct glow-in-the-dark space goo, and even take a ‘zero-gravity space walk’ around campus! Suit up, because it’s almost time for lift off and we’ve saved you a seat!

India's Artventures

    • Entering Grades K - 2
    • Swim Lesson Included
    • Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM