Creative Cooks

Our culinary team will take campers on an interactive journey of skills, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We will learn the fundamental techniques of baking and cooking, all while enjoying the culinary process.


International Travels - July 26 - August 6

Set sail on a great culinary voyage around the world and awaken your sense to a prism of mouthwatering treats! In this session, campers will embark on a world tour highlighting many well-known cuisines including those of Thailand, Japan, China, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, as well as hidden culinary treasures from both the Old and New Worlds. Each day, we’ll learn to cook and embrace a new culture and cuisine, and share interesting details about the origins of recipes, ingredients, and culinary traditions.


Master Chef - August 9 - August 20

Just like the real Iron Chef, campers will love creating masterpieces with the daily surprise ingredient! The excitement begins when the secret ingredient is revealed and the kids  begin to craft their own delectable menus. From appetizers and entrees to mouthwatering desserts, our Master Chefs will have full control in this fun and exciting team challenge cook-off. What can we make out of potatoes? How many different ways can we cook chicken? Everyday there will be new ingredients and new challenges, forcing every camper to test their culinary genius. On the last day of each week, we will use all the skills we have learned for our own Master Chef Challenge!

Creative Cooks

    • Entering Grades 4-8
    • Free Swim Included
    • Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
      • Camp ends at noon on Friday, August 20